Fashion, Slider / 06.06.2017

In the midst of moving house, I've been going through my clothing asking myself all the questions; "Have I worn it recently?", "Does it still fit?", "Do I feel good wearing it?" etc.  I have successfully managed to get rid of a couple of bags of clothing to charity, though it has made me think about getting some newer clothes, and with the summer coming up, what better time to do a clothing hunt.

Body Positive, Cosplay / 28.04.2017

A few years ago I would never consider cosplaying. I saw people who were slim, attractive and just generally confident cosplaying, but never someone similar to myself. I never had the courage to start and there are still times when I don't feel that confident continuing despite loving the art. To get to this point I had to start from somewhere and my somewhere started on Instagram with the Body Positive movement.
Cosplay / 16.04.2017

I hope everyone is enjoying or has enjoyed this Easter weekend so far! Sadly the weather hasn't been too great here in the UK today but it's been a great reason to relax in pjs and eat chocolate eggs. I have no regrets. But I do have a mini surprise...