Super Sonico Nurse Part Two

Welcome back to the Super Sonico nurse cosplay tutorial ish post part 2. From the previous post you will have seen how I altered a previous fancy dress nurses uniform into something more akin to the outfit she wear. This post will be focusing on the zip cover, the sleeves and the nurses hat.

The zip section it probably one of the easiest, purely based on the fact I didn’t have to add in a new zip. I could have, but the reason I didn’t is because I really liked the zip provided, it has two holding things (No clue on the actually name) so I can pull it down at the top and up at the bottom and have it fully secured still. The only annoying part is that it is bright red, but considering this section is aimed at covering it, it makes no odds.

As I cut the length of the dress to make it shorter, one of the first things I did was get a needle and thread and stitch the bottom around the teeth so the zip holder couldn’t come off, because that had already happened which led to about 30 minutes of trying to put it back on. Then I put some super glue on the ends to reinforce this.

With the PVC cut to the length of the dress, the first thing to do was folded and stitch the top and bottom of the fabric. I then folded one side of the strip down slightly and stitched it straight down, this is so the edge of the fabric isn’t on show and has a nice rounded edge. Secondly, I folded the other side of the PVC, similar to bias tape, and stitched along the top of the material. I stitched it directly onto the dress, so the part I had first done covered the zip and this part lay on the side of the zip holding it in place. Hopefully that makes sense. This was done all the way down so now the zip was completely covered but still able to work.

Using a second strip of PVC, but smaller in width, I folded it into a tri-fold, similar to how pamphlets look, as this was all of the edges were covered. I then stitched it down onto the dress on the other side and underneath the first cover to ensure the zip couldn’t show itself.  And voila, the zip was completely covered.

The sleeves… These I’m not actually certain about how happy I am with them, if any of you have some advice or such, please let me know. Because I shorten the dress, I meant I had a lot of fabric left over in the same white material, this actually came in handy here and with the nurses hat. Cutting two roughly even strips of the white fabric, I attached these to the sleeves that were currently present (Removing the red material around them first). I had to do a small pleat in it as I wanted to have a bit of movement in the arms, but otherwise it attached with little issue.

Once the sleeves were extended I tried it on, working out where to lower the arm holes to give a bit more arm movement. then I simply cut, folded the fabric on itself  and did a straight stitch to keep it locked in place.  How big the arm holes are, depends more on personal preference.

Once done, I did the tri-fold on a smaller strip of PVC fabric, and placed it on the outside of the dress and stitched it over the area where I extended the sleeves. I then using the bias tape method, folded another piece of PVC over the bottom bit of the sleeves and stitched. The sleeves aren’t remotely close to the actually characters, but I decided to go with what I was working with and I am fairly happy with it, but I’m not certain if I fully like the look, hence comments would be appreciated.

So that’s the dress essentially done. I’ll be picking at the red hearts on the chest to get rid of the red PVC and then see how it looks and go from there. What is left is the wig, the nurses headband and the headphones. If you followed my Instagram story you will have seen that I have received the wig, and if you took a look at my Facebook page, that I have completed the headband and done a costest.

So moving onto the headband. I didn’t take any photos of this during the process because it is really easy to explain. Using the left over fabric, I created two isosceles trapezium shapes.  Using an iron I attached interfacing to the two fabrics, this helped stiffen them so when I’m wearing it the headband will stick up. I did a quick straight stitch to attach all the fabric together, wrong sides touching. Using the bias method I attached strips of PVC to the top, left and right side of the headband. Using more PVC I cut out the letters to spell “Sonico Kenco” with a thick cross as well. I then attached these via superglue onto the headband.

Working out how much space was left  on the headband, I cut the bottom off a bit so the writing wasn’t too far in the top. I then began the first step of bias tape, where you do the stitch to the fabric, on the bottom section.  Before I completed wrapping the fabric round, I attached the white elastic band to the head dress on both sides at the bottom using a straight stitch and a zigzag stitch to ensure it wouldn’t fall off.

With the band locked in place, I then continued the bias method at the bottom and the PVC wrapped over the band, covering it. The I simply trimmed the excess PVC off on the sides, being careful not to cut the elastic and it’s complete.

So there, you have it, how I made the dress and the headband using an old nurses uniform from Ann Summers. At some stage I may show how I made the headphones (Once I get round to it), and I may review the wig too.

I hope you enjoyed and take care.


Alex Morley Hewitt
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