White Satin Steel Boned Overbust Corset

I’m not certain if my love for corsets can be pinpointed down to a specific time, all I know is that I do love them.  I would say I don’t even have a favourite type of corset because each variety brings something amazing to the table. My most recent purchase can be seen in the recent bunny boudoir shoots that you may have already seen.

The reason I specifically got this corset was because I’m looking to cosplay Elizabeth from the Bioshock Infinite game, the Comstock outfit where she’s in a corset with a blue skirt and bolero/jacket. So eventually once I work out how the create the rest of the costume and what fabric I’ll be using, you’ll be able to see it.

This white satin steel boned overbust corset is available at Corset Story or Corset UK for £65 in sizes recommended for 24″-49″ waists.

To know the fine details of the boning, it’s 12 steel bones and 2 spiral steel bones which include a steel busk closure.

I will say this straight away, the moment I got hold of the corset I couldn’t stop stroking it. The outer layer is made of 100% Polyester which gives it that satin look, and it is so soft and silky that I just couldn’t resist. The lining is made of 100% Cotton Twill, and while not as silky feeling as the outer, it doesn’t rub against my skin or anything. The modesty panel in the back is similar where the outer is Polyester and the lining is Cotton Twill, and it does look that extra bit lovely from the back. I sew, I’m not perfect at sewing but I can’t resist looking at the seams and threads of any item of clothing I buy. I simply adore the stitching on the corset, it’s all clean and proper, you can see that it’s made pretty damn perfect so I have no fault with the quality of it.

The fit. I got a size 32, which apparently is for a corset 36-37″ waist, 41-47″ bust and 43-49″ hips, so aside from the waist being a bit big, my bust and hip measurements were roughly in the middle of those so it seemed like the best option even if the waist might be an inch or two too big. This corset says it has a potential of 4-5″ waist reduction, this definitely rings true as when I pulled the corset tight my waist was instantly given that hourglass figure. (I’m aware I look adorable with bunny ears)

The main downside I have with this corset is that even though it’s too big on the waist, it squishes the girls/my chest to the point it can look slightly weird in photos unless I actively move them for each shot, in some cases it even leads to double boob from the side. It’s a shame it doesn’t fit quite right on the bust, maybe if it had some form of cups it might be better for the larger bust, though it may be I haven’t got the tightness on the right setting. That being said, I do love the sweetheart bust line, I think it’s rather flattering and cute.

Regarding the hips, I don’t actually have a problem at all with it, it seems to be fairly comfortable and not dig in, but I feel I haven’t worn it for long enough periods of time to give a completely accurate representation of this. The slight annoyance is that it’s 14″ long in the front, so either the bottom of my hips show, or more of the top of the bust shows, but this may be because I’m fairly tall so I have a longer torso than recommended? I have no clue, thankfully this corset will be worn over a skirt which will be made to be worn high.

When I attempt to put on the corset, it can be rather difficult because it’s fully laced in the back with some wonderfully strong corset cord which means I need a good amount of time to ensure that I get the tightness right for each section. I would recommend that having a friend or someone who could help lace you up will probably help with enough the corset if fitted correctly.  I have yet to master it on my own which leads to the lace loosening and resulting in my frequently pulling it tighter.

The other part which is slightly difficult is the steel busk closure, I haven’t had any sort of practice with closing corsets at the front. I tried to do it one at a time, doesn’t work. You have to have the corset lace loose and hook the front bits together all at once by ensuring it’s all lined up. In hindsight, most people would realise to do this first. Finally another negative is that at the top, it doesn’t feel like it’s completely closed at the top, it makes me feel the top is a lot more flimsy than it actually is; personally I’m going to add a small hook and eye behind when I make the edits just so I don’t accidentally flash more cleavage than I want.

Overall, I do think it’s a gorgeous corset, you can see that the quality is wonderful, and aside from some small drawbacks it is wonderful. Is it worth £65? I’d say it’s very expensive, and had I not got it cheaper via someone else I would have probably passed, maybe around the £50 mark simply due to squishing in the chest is not great for larger busts.

Part of me feels like I shouldn’t ever have to say this because it is common sense; My body = My rules. Since I’ve put up photos of myself in less clothing than I would ever normally, I’ve received multiple comments from some men (This isn’t me trying to shame all men, this is stating a fact), being rude, inappropriate and downright offensive towards me. Just because I show photos of myself in underwear doesn’t mean that gives you the right to act like pigs. Any photo I show of myself doesn’t give you the right to act like you see fit. Any photo any person shows of themselves in any state of dress does not give you the right to treat that person as you want. They are a person, they are someone’s brother, sister, mother, father, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, they are a human being. If you would not say these things to a random person in the street, you should not be saying them to a random person on the internet. I put these photos up for me. I put them up to help with my body issues, to help me feel better, to help others feel better about their body, to help the body positive movement. I do not put these photos up to make perverts hard and for them to tell me that. I do not put these photos up for anyone but myself and those in the BoPo community who need to see whatever size you are doesn’t matter as long as you are happy. These are the people I’m here for and with because I’m one of them. Sexual harassment is not okay and regardless of what I’m wearing, I’m a person.

I hope everyone is enjoying the boudoir photos, I’ll hopefully be working with a good friend soon and get some more modelling photos this year to show you all.


Alex Morley Hewitt
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