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Hey everyone,

I’m currently sitting down watching a bit of Come Dine with me (Guilty pleasure) and going over my notes from my meeting with my wonderful brother and website creator (RedMH). During this meeting, we discussed the direction of where this website is going and how to keep the blog posts coming and engaging with all you lovely people. One of the main things that was mentioned was to keep providing an update on what I have planned for Curvy Legion; this way you guys are made aware of my aims and if I’m slacking on any, I’ll most likely receive a telling off.


  • I’d like to get more professional looking photos uploaded for your viewing.
  • A variety of blog posts that are consistent, ideally get a few loaded up for scheduled posting.
  • Blog posts looking at future cosplays; including how I might make them, the breakdown of the cosplay, inspiration and more.
  • Blog posts looking at more body positvity; including what I do on my bad days, how my journey is going so far, what helps me further my self-esteem, the people you need to follow, etc.
  • Blog posts looking at specific items; for example reviewing a mixture of items ranging from clothing, makeup to video games, and looking at what I use such as when creating my cosplays.
  • Potentially blog posts on wish lists, what I would love to buy and own, the current ‘trendy’ items this season.

So these are my current aims for this website and hopefully by showing you guys my plans, I can get you feedback on these ideas and if there is anything else you might like to see, either on here, Instagram, Twitter or my facebook. I’d love to hear your opinions.

In the future, I’ll try to do an update at least once a month,this will hopefully include what blog posts I’ll be focusing on, if I have any photo shoots planned, what items I might be reviewing and so on. Ideally this will make you want to keep checking my pages for the post you want to see and keep you informed and engaged. I hope anyway.

Anyway, that’s my update, wish me luck.



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Alex Morley Hewitt
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