My Future Cosplay Plans

As you hopefully read in my previous post, one of the posts I want to do is about what my current cosplay plans are and what my future cosplay plans are, and potentially what I would love to do if I had unlimited money and time.

I only started cosplaying properly last year but I already have two complete outfits all handmade by myself.

My lovely Ariel from the Little Mermaid, and Mad Moxxi from the Borderlands game series, A.K.A One of my favourite gaming series.

This leads to my current cosplay that I’m working on, Super Sonico, Nurse edition.

While she isn’t finished yet, she’s almost there and I plan to keep you updated on my progress with her.

My future cosplays:

Elizabeth from the gaming series “BioShock Infinite”   I have a few parts of this outfit already (you may have seen the white corset). After Super Sonico this is my next cosplay priority. I’ve played it on Xbox, but the entire collection is on PS4 too.


Freya from the manga and anime series “Chobits”                                This series has been one of my favourite for who knows how many years, so I would love to make this dress. I’d highly recommend watching the Anime.




Yennefer from the book and gaming series “The Witcher”

I am torn between which Witcher female character to do, Triss, Ciri, Yennefer and the others. They are all amazing characters that I adore, but I think the DLC outfit for Yen is a favourite.

I’ve played it on Xbox, but there is a PC and PS4 version too.







Diane from the manga and anime series “Seven Deadly Sins”                                                                         I adore this giantess, I fell in love with this anime the moment I saw it, and I can’t wait to start this cosplay.


Those are the cosplays I know I’ll be doing. The ones I’m not certain about and need to give a bit more thought to are:

  • Jessica Rabbit, though I’m debating between two versions.
  • A Christmas Harley Quinn
  • DC Wonderwoman Bombshell
  • Nisha from Borderlands
  • Mimikyu from Pokemon Sun and Moon
  • Sentret from Pokemon Gold and Silver
  • Casual Mei from Overwatch (You may have seen my first attempt to try her out)
  • Moogle from the Final Fantasy series


These are all of my current ideas, there may be many I’m forgetting, and these may take a while but this is the current list.



Alex Morley Hewitt
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