Heating up: Latest swimwear and beachwear

I’m not sure if it’s just here in the U.K. but even though we’re in April, it already feels like it’s heating up. The weather is warmer, the shorts are coming out, and I’m already searching for all the latest stuff to wear to go swimming and to the beach. I’d have to say, these items are getting me pumped to head to the beach.

I’ve never worn a bikini, at least not while I’ve been made aware of my body, but three of these items are bikinis! I am upset though as Torrid had a galaxy bikini I saw a month or two ago, that if it was still around I’d be asking all my American friends to get me one. (In case you don’t know the one I mean, Leah wears it perfectly) However, I found some amazing cute ones in my opinion.

  1. Yours Black and White Spot Underwired Halter Neck Bikini Top (Cups sizes D-G)
  2. Forever 21 Plus size Cover Up
  3. Forever 21 Plus size Fringe One-piece
  4. Torrid Lattice Inset Push-Up Demi One Piece Swimsuit
  5. Torrid Rouched Bikini Top
  6. Curvy Kate Reflex Floral Print Balcony Bikini


The list of swim and beach wear just keeps growing the more I keep browsing but these definitely the top of my wish list. Hopefully you like them as well, if not, I’m sure you’ll find something this season to wear.

Also, just remember, any body is a beach body. Lately more facebook ads etc have been popping up telling us to lose weight, get beach ready etc etc, but as I’ve been discovering more and more, any body is ready for any piece of clothing. Obviously in the correct size, don’t wear a piece that is three sizes too small and uncomfortable, and don’t wear a piece that is four sizes too big, because with swimwear, that will fall down. Love yourself as you are, and treat yourself right.  You want a bikini body, just go buy a bikini and wear one, I know I plan to.


Alex Morley Hewitt
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