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A few years ago I would never consider cosplaying. I saw people who were slim, attractive and just generally confident cosplaying, but never someone similar to myself. I never had the courage to start and there are still times when I don’t feel that confident continuing despite loving the art. To get to this point I had to start from somewhere and my somewhere started on Instagram with the Body Positive movement.

Feeling like I wasn’t alone with how I felt about myself, and seeing people similar to me who overcame their own self-doubts has helped me progress to a stage that I never thought possible. They help me everyday and I doubt they realise this, so I want to give a shout out to the people who have helped me be a happier more self-loving me. This list isn’t everyone but it’s the main people who have helped me, this is in no particular order, and even if you’re not on here, I still love you.

Jewelz Journey: The sass, the humour, the self-love, her; Everything about this woman is incredible, she is stunning.

Bodyposipanda: This lady is the pure essence of what Body Positivity is, she’s supportive, caring, sweet, funny. If you were trying to describe what the BoPo movement was about, just point them to this woman because she’s incredible.

XMadamMarvelX: I don’t think I could say how much I adore this woman; I’ve met her in real and she’s a true beauty both in photos and in real life. She’s supported my cosplaying when I first started and has been one of the main inspirations for me to cosplay:

It’s the Nerdy Life: This guy has supported me from the moment I entered the cosplay scene, he’s a sweetheart (even with his brummy accent) and I can’t picture not having him and his lovely partner (Madam Marvel) in my life because they’ve encouraged me so much and I love them to pieces.

YourstruelyMelly: This lady is so badass that the term badass doesn’t seem enough to describe her. She’s a huge inspiration to me, her attitude and thoughts on matters just make me love her so much and she truly makes me think about how I see myself and others.

She Might be Loved: This woman is so sweet and lovely that she just makes you want to aspire to greater things, her magazine is always worth a read.

Glitter and Lazers: I adore this woman. She gives no fucks and she does things to make her happy, she’s an amazing woman and her smile is simply wonderful:

Isabella Forget: This gorgeous lady is just so gorgeous that I can’t even.

Zeveelia: The moment I saw her Mad Moxxi I knew I had an amazing inspiration. Every time I have spoken to her she’s just so lovely, when I first started cosplaying she helped give me tips on how to make my Mad Moxxi and she was so patient with a newbie cosplayer.

Tess Holliday: If you haven’t heard of this woman then I’ll be surprised, her IG just inspires me.

Fullerfigure FullerBust: I think this woman was one of the first to start me on my body positive path, she’s an exceptional lady and if I ever got the chance to meet her, I think a hug or a drink, or both would be in order.

Goofy Ginger: I don’t know how to start describing this lady, she speaks on so many personal issues that I can relate to that make me want to just give her a hug for being herself and talking about them. She’s an inspiration for not just the Body Positive community but in communities with a focus on mental health, sexual assault, drugs, health and so much more.

Kmw Plus: Seeing her first on the company page Torrid, I just fell in love, she is stunning to me and just gives me good vibes.

VoluptuousLeah: This lady is flipping fabulous! She’s gorgeous, funny, down to earth, just amazing. To me she is one of my biggest inspirations, both in the Body Positive community and out of it, I adore her (even if I am jealous she has the Galaxy bikini I wanted).

CurvesBecomeHer: I first found this woman on her website, and since then I knew I was hooked. She goes into so many issues, she’s an incredible woman and her smiles and love for herself are fabulous.

Van Kelsing: This lady is so quirky and cute, I’ve spoken to her a few times and she’s such a delight. She has such a charming and sweet attitude, she’s an inspiration by just being herself.

Jessiemariecosplay: This lovely lady I’ve known for a short amount of time but I just click with her so well and she’s just so supportive I can’t help but include her. Her cosplays are wonderful and she’s a gorgeous lady inside and out.

While a non-personal type of page, these account just gives me inspiration:





These are the pages that have helped me, I hope you check them out, and maybe you might follow them, or maybe you have your own inspirations. As long as you are happy that’s the most important factor.


Alex Morley Hewitt
  • Ed O'Neill
    Posted at 07:13h, 13 May Reply

    Well written, I love what you said. I think with a heart like yours, you too are an inspiration to others, full figured and not. It’s so wonderful to see more women see how Beautiful they really are being curvy and not living by the stereotype society pushes on girls to women everyday.

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