Northwich Comic Con 2017

Comic conventions are becoming more and more popular, so it makes sense for these events to be becoming more common with new conventions occurring. The latest of which is Northwich Comic Con, 1st April 2017 at Northwich Memorial Court in England, U.K., and thankfully it was one that I got to see first hand.

For those who don’t know a comic con is an event where people who are fans of anime/manga, comic books, video games and just generally nerdy things come together and share the love. These conventions usually have cosplayers (People who dress up as specific characters and do photoshoots), competitions (Junior and adult cosplay competitions), celebrities in the industry (Ranging from extras in famous films, voice actors in games to lead characters in TV shows), sellers (Including local artists to large companies such as CEX), to gaming companies that let you try out the latest upcoming games (One year I went and got to try Evolve). It’s a wonderful event and I simply adore going.

This comic con was advertised on Facebook, as well as having an events page. If you were in the midlands of the U.K. it might be worth liking it in case they decide to do more comic cons and be kept updated.

To do a quick review of the event, considering that it was the first one in a small town, it really wasn’t at all bad. They had a fairly small hall so when it was busy it did feel rather cramped, but then most comic cons always do. There wasn’t too much to do, in fact it took an hour during the busy period to look at all the stalls, though there was a variety of stalls, including one artists stuff which was just adorable. Regarding events throughout the day, aside from two talks there was a adult and junior cosplay competition which was amazing to watch; but despite having a stage in the hall these were held outside, if they had organised the tables inside the hall a touch more or used a larger hall, it might have been nice to see it there.  Despite a lack of full organisation, such as poor advertising of the competition and staff members telling me different information, the cosplays and the stalls really made the event worth it. Which leads me on to the cosplays, these are a mixture of photos I took and a few from a friend that allowed me to publish (You’ll see him featured in many).

So please enjoy and if you are in any of the photos please let me know and I’ll tag it for you, as well as thank you for letting me take the photos.

Please note that you are welcome to use my pictures but please provide credit and let me know first.

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The classic Harley Quinn from DC Batman (Cosplayer: Lulu Mountford)

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Super Sonico Maid (Cosplayer: Kelly ‘Ruru’ Mitchell)

The Purge (Cosplayer Unknown)

Link from the Legend of Zelda (Cosplayer Unknown)

Joker from DC Batman (Cosplayer Unknown)

Pulp Fiction Star Wars Cross over (Cosplayer Unknown)

Joker from DC Batman (Cosplayer Unknown)

Judge Dredds (Cosplayers Unknown)

Wolverine from X-Men (Cosplayer Unknown)

Malcom Reynolds from Firefly (Cosplayer: Lee Nelson)

Storm Trooper (Cosplayer Unknown)


Winifred from Hocus Pocus (Cosplayer Unknown)

Female Wolverine from X-Men (Cosplayer Unknown)

Super Girl (Cosplayer Unknown)

Dark Phoenix from X-Men (Cosplayer Unknown)

Spider-Man and Carnage from DC Spider-Man (Cosplayer Unknown)

Steampunk Elsa (Cosplayer Unknown)

Belle from Beauty and the Beast (Cosplayer: Lolly Roberts)

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(Cosplayer Unknown) This guy was amazing, we ended up talking about how he made his armour and he was so lovely.

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Pikachu from Pokémon (Cosplayer Unknown) and Baymax from Big Hero 6 (Cosplayer Unknown)

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The Junior Cosplay competition and winner Rey from Star wars: Force Awakens (Cosplayer Unknown)

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Storm troopers (Cosplayer Unknown)

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War Machine and Hulk Buster from Iron-Man, BubbleBee from Transformers (Cosplayers linked to CPM Entertainers)

James Mackenzie; The lead role in the TV show Raven

My partner


James was so sweet and lovely, every time we went past him he would always smile and say hello, I took photos of him with many of my friends and he was constantly smiling and relaxed . I never really watched Raven when I was younger but he definitely managed to make me a fan when I met him. His twitter and website.

 Witcher Medallions (I couldn’t resist because they were just so cute to look at and if I didn’t already have one, I’d buy one)

Knight rider and Police car

I had to sit on the Iron Throne, it’s my rightful place. It’s only a small haul but I think it’s all really cute

Artists drawing and Shell ring (Instagram, Facebook)

Wonderwoman poster

Geralt Pop Vinyl

Autograph from Raven

I hope you enjoyed it, I do hope more cons start appearing as it’s great seeing the nerdy community together.


Alex Morley Hewitt
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