The Disappearing Act of May

Hey everyone,

First off I would like to apologise for not providing any posts for last month (May). I have been having a bit of a rough month and due to that I needed to take some time away from a lot of things. You may have noticed aside from not updating here, I barely updated my Instagram, maybe a few odd photos and stories. It was the case where I needed to step away from social media and focus more on myself and what the future holds for me.

To summarise the month, I was unable to accept a job due to personal circumstances, I had to find a new place to live by the end of the month, relationship troubles, my depression and anxiety was at an all time high which made my self-esteem at an all time low; basically things kept pilling up faster than I could take them down. It was to the point where I couldn’t sleep, constantly crying at the smallest things, and torn between eating everything I could see and not stomaching the thought of any food. It was bad.

I mention how I felt during that time just to show that it’s okay to talk about your feelings, about mental health, about anything you want. It’s okay to get support and lean on others because sometimes you just need a shoulder to cry on. If anyone who is, has, or knows someone who is suffering, understand it’s okay to talk about how you feel and you’re not alone.

So despite turning 23 in May (13th May), it was a pretty crappy month, though you’ll have noticed by the end of it I was beginning to pick up again with Instagram and Facebook posts. It wasn’t a perfect month but I managed (with help from others) to pull myself back together and focus on what needs to be done.

As of writing this post right now (27th May):

  • I have applied to do a MSc in Applied Research to continue my education and to hopefully help create my career in Research. Starting this September, I just need to hear back from the university so wish me luck.
  • I have applied to move into a house. My dad and I are just waiting to hear back to say we’ve been accepted but we can’t wait to move!
  • I have created a cat onesie for the Princess Peach cosplay. I’ve become excited about cosplaying and sewing again, and created the onesie in three days. Considering I’ve never made a onesie, let alone one with ears and a tail, I’m really happy so I just need to create the crown and gloves.
  • I have been working on my relationship more and I personally think it’s become a lot better since we spoke about it.
  • I have been thinking of new ways to expand myself (if that makes sense) into being able to make money (even if it’s just a little bit), and I’m liking the idea of Cosplay prints (feel free to message with ideas!)

Basically the final week of May, I was picking myself back up and getting things done. I’ve made plans, goals, aims, whatever you might like to call them and hopefully it will work out.Once again I am sorry for the lack of posts but hopefully you can understand my situation a bit better as of late.

Thank you for all the support and keep watching this space, Facebook and Instagram for more updates.


Alex Morley Hewitt
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