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I want to give you a chance to learn something new, you may enjoy it, you may not, but I want to express my opinions on OpenLearn and what I've gained from it.

In the midst of moving house, I've been going through my clothing asking myself all the questions; "Have I worn it recently?", "Does it still fit?", "Do I feel good wearing it?" etc.  I have successfully managed to get rid of a couple of bags of clothing to charity, though it has made me think about getting some newer clothes, and with the summer coming up, what better time to do a clothing hunt.

Hey everyone, First off I would like to apologise for not providing any posts for last month (May). I have been having a bit of a rough month and due to...

A few years ago I would never consider cosplaying. I saw people who were slim, attractive and just generally confident cosplaying, but never someone similar to myself. I never had the courage to start and there are still times when I don't feel that confident continuing despite loving the art. To get to this point I had to start from somewhere and my somewhere started on Instagram with the Body Positive movement.

I hope everyone is enjoying or has enjoyed this Easter weekend so far! Sadly the weather hasn't been too great here in the UK today but it's been a great reason to relax in pjs and eat chocolate eggs. I have no regrets. But I do have a mini surprise...

I'm not sure if it's just here in the U.K. but even though we're in April, it already feels like it's heating up. The weather is warmer, the shorts are coming out, and I'm already searching for all the latest stuff to wear to go swimming and to the beach. I'd have to say, these items are getting me pumped to head to the beach.

Comic conventions are becoming more and more popular, so it makes sense for these events to be becoming more common with new conventions occurring. The latest of which is Northwich Comic Con, 1st April 2017 at Northwich Memorial Court in England, U.K., and thankfully it was one that I got to see first hand.

Recently I've seen a lot of posts on Instagram which has been making me think more about myself, body positivity, and society in general.

As you hopefully read in my previous post, one of the posts I want to do is about what my current cosplay plans are and what my future cosplay plans are, and potentially what I would love to do if I had unlimited money and time.

Hey everyone, I'm currently sitting down watching a bit of Come Dine with me (Guilty pleasure) and going over my notes from my meeting with my wonderful brother and website creator (RedMH). During this meeting, we discussed the direction of where this website is going and how to keep the blog posts coming and engaging with all you lovely people. One of the main things that was mentioned was to keep providing an update on what I have planned for Curvy Legion; this way you guys are made aware of my aims and if I'm slacking on any, I'll most likely receive a telling off.